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Orange County, CA – Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen is pleased to announce the hiring of Martin Plascencia to assist his department in outreach efforts. Plascencia will work closely with Orange County’s Spanish-speaking residents, ensuring effective communication and access to vital services.

Martin Plascencia brings over 35 years of journalistic experience to his new position. His illustrious career includes two decades as a news reporter for Telemundo Channel 52-Los Angeles, where he also served as the overseer of the Orange County News Bureau for 15 years. Plascencia’s reporting has covered landmark events, but his true passion lies in sharing the daily stories of Latinos living in California.

“Martin Plascencia has more than 35 years’ working experience as a journalist and his experience working with the Latino communities is important for my office to continue to let our community know what services we provide,” said Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen. “I’m honored to have him as a member of our Clerk-Recorder family.”

Plascencia’s educational journey began at Preparatoria No. 2 of the Universidad de Guadalajara. He continued his studies in the United States, graduating from East Los Angeles College with a degree in Social Science and Journalism. His academic pursuits also led him to Cal State University Los Angeles, where he delved into Sociology. Plascencia’s dedication extends beyond reporting; he has been a respected Professor in the Extension Program of Spanish Language Journalism at UCLA.

“My name and face may be familiar to some members of the Spanish-speaking community who have seen me on television news for three decades. Now I have been offered the opportunity to continue serving the Hispanic community by promoting the many programs and services offered by the Office of Hugh Nguyen Orange County Clerk-Recorder to all of Orange County's 3.2 million residents, including 34 percent of them Latinos," said Martin Plascencia, Community Outreach Manager for the Orange County Clerk-Recorder.

For any questions, please call the department’s information line at (714) 834-2500 during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except holidays. For media inquiries, please contact Billy Le at 714-834-2248.