PDF - Biography Hugh Nguyen

Orange County Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen was born in Vietnam 50 years ago. As a child, he was told by his mother that his father was an American soldier who was killed in action while serving his country. This year, after almost a 50-year search and a DNA submission to, Hugh miraculously found his father who is very much alive and resides in Tennessee.  Hugh was brought to America at the age of seven by his grandparents and his aunt who raised him. His journey to America began in 1975 aboard the USS Midway which took him from the Philippines to Guam and then to El Toro Air Base, ending up at Camp Pendleton in California and eventually moving to El Centro and finally to Orange County in 1979. He graduated from Saddleback High School and attended Santa Ana College and completed Orange County’s Management Academy Program at Chapman University.

On April 2, 2013, Hugh was selected by the Board of Supervisors to fill the remaining term of office for Clerk-Recorder through December 2014. Hugh was selected after an extensive recruitment process in which 900 people applied for the vacant Clerk-Recorder position. The Supervisors selected Hugh due to his experience, hands on management style and desire to serve the public.

In June 2014, Hugh was elected to a four year term of office and will serve through 2018. Upon taking the oath of office, Hugh became the first Vietnamese-American ever to be elected county-wide to the position of Clerk-Recorder and the first Vietnamese-American to be elected to the office of County Clerk-Recorder in the whole country. On June 5, 2018, Hugh was overwhelmingly re-elected to another four-year term and will serve through 2022.

In 1993, Hugh was hired by the late County Clerk Gary Granville. During his first year at the County Clerk’s office, he worked in customer services in marriage licensing, fictitious business names, and notary registration and environmental impact report filings. In 1998, Mr. Granville promoted Hugh to the position of Chief Deputy Recorder in which he served through 2006. From 2006 until his appointment to the position of Clerk-Recorder, Hugh was the Assistant Clerk of the Board expanding his management, budget, HR, purchasing expertise and gained valuable experience in dealing with the Board of Supervisors and county operations. Hugh has worked for the County of Orange for 24 years, of which 17 years were at the Clerk-Recorder’s Department.

Hugh was named one of Orange County’s 2015’s 100 Most Influential by The Orange County Register for his efforts in making his department’s services more accessible to working families. The annual 100 Most Influential list includes individuals who have influenced business, culture, education, food, giving, government, health, inspiration, science and sports. Under his leadership, his department has been awarded CSAC and NACo Awards for the innovations that he has ushered in.

Hugh has been a resident of Orange County for 39 years and lives with his wife and two children in Santa Ana.

Hugh’s Goals for the Department include:

  • Provide “hands-on” management and leading by example.
  • Operate the Department in a cost-effective manner.
  • Protect and safeguard the County’s public records.
  • Maintain a comprehensive security and backup plan for all systems and records.
  • Provide a supportive work environment and leadership to staff.
  • Increase the accessible of services for the public at branch offices and Saturday service.
  • Maintain open communications with the business community for title and mortgage recordings.

Accomplishments to date under Hugh’s leadership

  • Launched the department’s new O.C. Weddings mobile app allowing customers to both complete a marriage license application and to set an appointment for a civil marriage ceremony all from the convenience of any mobile device.
  • Rolled out public terminals with touch screen technology at his entire department’s locations making it easier for people to complete their applications for services without having to hassle with a keyboard and a mouse.
  • Launched pilot program to expedite the ordering of marriage certificates at the department's Old County Courthouse Marriage Services Unit - looking to eliminate the need for couples to return to the office to purchase their marriage certificate or having to order it via mail, reduce the number of calls to the department's information line and to help shorten lines and waiting times at the department's offices.
  • Implemented a new Electronic Fictitious Business Name Statement application and filing system making the process more user friendly and reducing the duration of phone calls, regarding FBN issues, received by the department.
  • Reached a milestone, during July 2017, in electronic recording history by surpassing 8.2 million electronically submitted and recorded documents - maintaining the department as a nationwide industry leader since 1997.
  • Implemented software that automates the indexing and redaction of real property documents - making them available to the public two days after recording and earning the department a 2017 NACo Achievement Award.
  • Implemented Special Saturday Openings for over three years making the department’s services more accessible and convenient for working families and busy individuals - earning the department a 2015 NACo Achievement Award and a 2014 CSAC Merit Award.
  • Completed an extensive conservation of 210 volumes of property indexes from 1889-1953 as well as the most damaged deeds kept at the Orange County Archives.
  • Digitized and converted 210 volumes of property indexes from 1889-1953 that are kept at the Orange County Archives to microfilm.
  • In September 2014, became the first recorder office in the nation to process and record over 7 million electronically submitted documents - making the department the nationwide leader in electronic recording.
  • Implemented a Government to Government component to the department's award winning SECURE electronic recording system giving government agencies the ability to submit recordable documents electronically.
  • Streamlined real property recording services at the department’s Fullerton and Laguna Hills branch offices by adding an experienced recordable document examiner at each location.
  • Saved over $2 million in salary and benefits since becoming Clerk-Recorder in 2013. 
  • Saved tax payers money by reducing the fee for passport photos from $15 to $10.
  • Expedited the availability of birth and death certificates from 60 days to 30 days.
  • Opened a passport services office at the Laguna Hills branch office.
  • Opened a passport and marriage license unit at the County Community Service Center in Westminster.
  • Conducted a department wide cost allocation study to more accurately measure the department’s operating costs and fee cost recovery practices.
  • Implemented policies and procedures for department staff to improve customer service.
  • Strengthened accounting oversight, by implementing stronger internal controls, and documentation.
  • Improved customer service by increasing weekday business hours at the department's branch offices making them more convenient to the public.
  • Recruited additional experience staff for the Clerk-Recorder’s financial group.
  • Recruited additional experience staff to strengthen the Clerk-Recorder’s purchasing group.
  • Restructured the department’s senior leadership to strengthen efficiency and oversight.